10 Healthy School Lunch Ideas to Brighten Your Child’s Day

10 Healthy School Lunch Ideas to Brighten Your Child’s Day

Feb 01, 2021

Diet and nutrition play a significant role in determining and influencing the growth and development of your child. You should prioritize feeding your children right; it will directly reflect their health, stature, and developmental milestones.

This means that as parents, we need to always keep a keen eye on what our children are eating. This is often easier said than done. Planning their meals when they are at home during school breaks gives you a chance to ensure that they are eating healthy and balanced meals. However, when school resumes, it can get a bit hectic, ensuring that they are eating as they should be.

For one, schools reopening means those crazy schedules are back, and under this pressure, you might be tempted to pack anything in those lunch boxes and push them out the door as fast as you can.

This is why as a parent, you need to look into healthy lunches for school going kids. At Fueling Minds, we understand the importance of a healthy, wholesome, nutritious, and balanced diet to children.

Let’s take a glance at some of our tips to help you plan for healthy kids’ lunches.

Tips to Help You Plan for Your Childs Healthy Lunch for School

  • Meals should be balanced – Meals should contain some protein, carbohydrates (preferably whole grains), fresh fruits, and vegetables. This guarantees that your child has access to all the nutrients their body requires to stay healthy, alert, and strong.
  • Play around with different ingredients – Children get bored quickly, and feeding them the same thing day in day out will not slide. Try to shake up things up every now and then, experimenting with different healthy and nutritious ingredients and meal combinations to keep them captivated.
  • Try different textures, colors, and shapes – This works well, mainly if your child is a picky eater. Fill their lunch box with colorful and tasty foods that will motivate them to eat up their lunch.
  • Check-in with the school for a list of foods that are considered not allergy-friendly, such as nuts, gluten, and pork, before you incorporate these ingredients into their lunches.

10 Balanced and Healthy Lunch Ideas Your Child Will Love

  • Beef Barley Soup Served With Some Whole Wheat Naan Bread

Perfectly textured beef barley soup served with some whole wheat naan bread that soaks up the stew wonderfully is an excellent, healthy, and filling lunch option. The beef and barley soup contains a mixture of ingredients and textures that will captivate your child’s taste buds.

This combination can be served together with a fresh fruit salad and some yogurt to balance it up.

  • Chickpeas Chana Masala Served With Rice

The chickpea Chana masala is packed with rich nutrients and is quite filling. It can be served with some brown rice and topped off with some milk, apple slices, and mixed berries for more fun and color.

  • Chicken Stew Served With Vegetable Rice

The rich and smooth textured chicken stew is terrific comfort food, served alongside some colorful vegetables and rice. It is bound to be an instant sensation. You can also pack some raw almonds, mixed berries, and chia pudding to balance out the lunch.

  • Ultimate Linguine Bolongonese With Pasta

This rich Italian themed meal is bound to make your child the envy of the lunchroom. It is a healthy and wholesome meal and can be served with an assortment of steamed vegetables. It can be balanced out with some fresh fruit slices and yogurt.

  • Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Pasta

This creamy mushroom sauce transforms ordinary pasta into a delicious lunch. It’s rich in texture and packed with healthy nutrients. It can be incorporated with some vegetables and backed up with a fresh and colorful fruit salad served with yogurt.

  • Pitta Pockets Stuffed With Chickpeas and Red Peppers

These interesting pitta pockets can be served with some milk, fresh fruit slices, mixed berries, and a chia pudding.

  • Turkey Slice Sandwiches

Now and then, your child may crave a good sandwich. Turkey slices and hummus sandwich wraps are an excellent, healthy, and filling option. You can throw in some cucumber slices and sweet pepper and top the lunch with some yogurt and mixed berries.

  • Chicken Stew and Buns

A simple and filling lunch option. It can be coupled with an assortment of vegetables and topped up with some yogurt and crackers.

  • Chicken Meatballs and Pasta

Chicken meatballs are delicious and nutritious; they can be served with some pasta and steamed vegetables. You can also add some fruit slices and mixed berries as a healthy snack.

  • Mac and Cheese 

Baked mac and cheese is a healthier variety of your typical mac and cheese. A combination of whole wheat pasta, low-fat cheese, it’s an excellent lunch option. It can be served with some vegetables and chicken meatballs to spruce it up. You can add pumpkin tarts as a snack.

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