6 Healthy Foods Your Child will Love

6 Healthy Foods Your Child will Love

Oct 01, 2020

If you have tried feeding a kid, then you know they can be really stubborn especially when it comes to foods that aren’t ice cream or candy. Although they may not want healthy foods, these foods are necessary for brain and bone development and strengthening their immune system.

To relieve you of the stress of finding out what your child might like, this article discusses some of the top healthy food deliveries for children in Saskatoon. Not only are these foods super-healthy, but also are versatile, and preparing them is easy.

  • Yogurt

Although yogurt can serve as a snack, breakfast, or dessert, you have to check the sugar content. This is a healthy snack that fills your child up and contains protein and Vitamin D nutrients that lacks in most children’s diets. It also has probiotics- good bacteria responsible for your gut’s good health.

So how do you select healthy yogurt? Simply go for plain Greek yogurt. It comes with no added sugars and twice the protein content of your regular yogurt. While most flavored yogurt contains added sugar, you are safe with the plain yogurt. You can add flavor yourself by putting in berries and sprinkling cereal on the top. Alternatively, you can use fruit to create a fun parfait.

  • Beans

This superfood is loaded with fiber and protein. Besides, beans are cheap and little time is required to cook them. At the grocery store, pick out low-sodium canned beans like chickpeas, kidney beans, or black beans.

Once home, take them out of the can and rinse under running water to get rid of extra sodium. Thereafter, serve it with any meal. Kids aged four to eight years have a fiber requirement of 25 grams per day. Besides promoting healthy digestion, fiber helps fill your kids up so they won’t be rushing to the kitchen every ten minutes.

  • Eggs

A large egg contains six grams of protein, iron, and vitamin B12 and D. Some contain added nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids to aid in the development of your child’s brain. For breakfast, ditch the pastries, processed meats, and fried foods and prepare scrambled eggs for your child.

You can try egg casseroles or salad if they do not like scrambled. Also, eggs are great started foods for babies. Even though doctors discourage giving eggs to babies below 12 months, research indicates that giving eggs to babies between six months and one year helps prevent food allergies.

  • Avocados

Armed with avocados, you can easily add healthy fats to any food. Avocados have a high content of monounsaturated fats that maintain healthy cholesterol levels and decrease inflammation. Because the fats move slowly through the digestive tract, your kid will be full for longer.

The best aspect of this food is its versatility. You can use a spoon to eat it or mash it and sandwich it between slices of bread. You can also make an avocado smoothie or mix into tuna or chicken salad. Avocado is also an awesome starter food for babies.

  • Sweet Potatoes

Are you running short on time but want something nutritious? All you need to do is wash a potato and create some holes in it then proceed to microwave it for about five minutes. Thereafter, slice it down and let it cool before serving your child.

Because of their sweet taste, they appeal to kids of all ages. Also, they are packed with fiber, potassium and vitamin A. Increasing potassium intake while limiting sugar intake is good for a healthy heart and blood pressure.

  • Milk

Milk is rich in vitamin D and calcium that help build strong bones. It also contains phosphorous, potassium, vitamin B12, and protein. You can add sugar to cow milk to attain the sweetness of dairy milk.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods?

Here are some tips to help your kid eat healthier foods:

  • Fill half of their plates with vegetables and fruits, a quarter with whole grains, and the remaining with protein.
  • Cook with your children
  • Serve a variety of foods so your kids can choose from them
  • Be a good role model

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