Fueling Minds is a full service catering company committed to providing healthy, fresh and nutritious hand-crafted home-style meals and snacks for children with a focus on organic and locally sourced seasonal items.

We understand parents, teachers and caregivers desire to provide the best quality, healthy and affordable meals and snacks for their children.

Fueling Minds is our passion and nothing motivates us more than the opportunity to wake up every morning to do what we love.

We are dedicated to enabling and inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating for kids and the families who love them.

Fueling Healthy Minds & Bodies

Our highly dedicated Red Seal certified Chefs carefully customize and plan each menu offering, ensuring a comprehensive and globally diverse menu that incorporates wholesome ingredients with a big taste that children crave. We believe every child is different and that choice is essential.

We fuel minds and bodies with real ingredients. For us, this means making our own salsas, sauces, dips and dressings. We bake our own scones, tea biscuits, cookies and muffins. When we’re not making it ourselves, we partner with trusted suppliers who share our food values.

Healthy Tummies

Our foods are all natural and always pork, peanut and tree nut free. Fueling Minds promises no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, no GMO’s, no added nitrates or nitrites, pasture raised beef without added hormones or routine antibiotics, whole grains, focus on fruits, vegetables and products locally grown and sustainable and organically produced whenever possible including our dairy.

Fueling Minds offers various options to delight and nourish palettes that have allergies and intolerances. We also cater to Halal requirements.

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