Best Foods to Increase Intelligence Among Children

Best Foods to Increase Intelligence Among Children

May 01, 2022

But did you know that you can also incorporate brainy foods for kids to keep their minds active? Fueling Minds understands that organizing a balanced diet can sometimes be challenging. The task may seem even more daunting when you add boosting a child’s intelligence to the equation.

As a full-service catering company and school lunch delivery service dedicated to providing both healthy and smart eating, we’re here to help. Here’s an overview of what you can expect from our healthy foods delivery service.

Foods Linked to Brain Power

Leafy green vegetables increase cognition in children and adults. Plant-based foods such as kale, spinach, collards, and broccoli are rich in brain-healthy nutrients such as vitamin K, lutein, folate, and beta carotene. Some good news about helping children receive their daily allowance of leafy greens is the new and innovative ways you can add them to recipes – often without the child realizing they are even eating plant-based foods. Our menus always focus on locally sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients such as leafy green vegetables with a child’s taste buds in mind.

Fatty fish are a rich source of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids responsible for boosting brain power and immunity. Some types of fish children enjoy eating are tuna and salmon. Sardines are also a plentiful source of needed nutrients for children, but they are not as palatable for some children as tuna and salmon. Also, because fatty fish prevent memory loss and age-related memory decline, enjoying a meal of salmon or tuna with your child has benefits for you too!

Berries can also help keep your child’s memory in top shape, thanks to the antioxidants they contain. The antioxidants prevent free radical damage to the brain while also providing a needed boost of vitamin C. Berries are relatively simple to incorporate into your child’s diet by either adding them to their oatmeal or serving them alone as a healthy snack.

Walnuts are also rich in antioxidants and have the capability of improving mood due to their source of omega-3 fatty acids. Mood can link directly to your child’s capacity for learning since being in a bad or sad mood often halts learning in its tracks. One idea to ensure that your child’s mood does not limit their learning capacity is to include a snack of berries and walnuts or use both as a yummy addition to their oatmeal.

Tea and coffee are most commonly associated with adult diets, but studies now site evidence that some herbal teas, such as green tea, can be used as a supplement. Some of the benefits that you may want to mention to your health provider include the natural antioxidants contained in teas that help improve concentration levels. In addition to green tea, you may want to investigate the benefits of ginger tea, chamomile tea, and cardamon tea. Check with your child’s doctor before introducing tea into their diet since allergic reactions are always a risk.

Yogurt is one of the most versatile foods you can introduce into your child’s diet for health and nutrition. It’s a great source of energy, calcium, and probiotics and is yummy to eat with walnuts and berries. Also, because of yogurt’s consistency, it can easily be folded into sauces to serve over fatty fish. Kids love dipping their vegetables into guacamole made with yogurt and brain-healthy avocados.

There’s So Much More

The foods we’ve listed are not the only ones that can promote a healthy body and mind in children. As leading food caterers in Calgary, our passion is to provide menus created with children’s health and taste buds in mind. If you have a particular area of concern about your child’s diet, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our menus.

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