Feeding and Nutrition Tips For 2 Years Old Kids

Feeding and Nutrition Tips For 2 Years Old Kids

Jul 01, 2022

Two-year-olds are amazing. They like playing a lot since it’s at that stage they learn. Obviously, they are very curious and prefer doing everything by themselves. Although it comes at a certain cost in terms of convenience, it’s usually great, particularly for the feeding department.

Fueling Minds, a food caterers in Calgary, helps the two-year-olds eat better by utilizing their desire to do everything themselves. They also deliver lunch service, saving you from struggling to figure out the best diet.

Coincidentally, at age two, most children become repulsive to feeding. They start rejecting certain types of foods for no apparent reason. It usually gives the parents a hard time. Since feeding toddlers has never been easy, this guide walks you through your two-year-old’s feeding and nutrition tips.

Safe Food For 2 Years Kids

It’s paramount for children to access the best diet regarding nutrients and safety. Some foods are therefore better, and they help them to grow faster. Safe foods promote rapid growth, boost immunity, and do not have any side effects.

Safe foods include whole grains that supply fiber and energy, fruits and vegetables that supply fiber, vitamin A, protein, and dairy foods. They provide long-lasting energy and encourage ideal growth and development.

Unsafe Foods For 2 Years Old Kids

At age 2, some foods and feeding habits are unsafe for the child. Some have negative side effects, while others lower the kids’ appetite. At age 2, kids should feed using a spoon and drink from a cup. They can also feed themselves with most finger foods. However, it would be best to supervise them to minimize wastage and accidents such as choking.

There are many unsafe foods that you should strive to avoid. Some are not unsafe per se, but on the procedure used. Unsafe foods include seeds, green beans, raw carrots, celery, gum, round/hard candies, nuts, and cherries. Peanut is unsafe only when given as chunks. Otherwise, you can apply it to bread.

Other unsafe foods include large chunks of any particular food. When feeding the child potatoes, fruits, raw vegetables, and meat, it should not be in large chunks. Also, whole fruits are a danger to the kid. They should be sliced into small pieces.

Healthy Eating Basics Foods For Kids

There are healthy eating basics that you should strive to fulfill. The basics are classified into four categories: cereals, rice, potatoes, flour products, meat, poultry, fish and eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. Ensure that your child eats from all four categories.

Some kids are picky and likely to resist taking certain foods. It would help if you did not struggle with the kids eating preferences because they are more likely to resist the foods. You should continue providing a variety of foods, and they will most likely eat a balanced diet on their own. Also, you should utilize the part where toddlers like to feed themselves and provide them with finger foods.


Some children usually do not have a balanced diet because of being choosy over foods. They, therefore, require supplementation but in low quantities. You may supplement them with iron, especially if they take little vegetables, meat, or iron-fortified cereals. They should also take at least 480ml of low-fat milk each day. It provides calcium needed for bone growth.

Additional Tips

Stive as much as possible to integrate the feeding program of your child with the rest of the family. You tap their improved language and social skills. They feed better when allowed to feed with everyone else. Additionally, do not start battles during mealtimes. When toddler refuses to eat certain types of food, please don’t force them to eat. Eventually, they will start eating.

Feeding a two-year-old can be an overwhelming and frustrating endeavor. It’s therefore essential to figure out the best diet combination and feeding tips for your two-year-old. Besides getting the diet right, you should pay a lot of attention to the other feeding tips for your child. However, not all the tips apply to all children. You should pick what works for you and your kid only.

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