Height and Weight Charts for Kids: The Best Way to Track Your Kid’s Progress

Height and Weight Charts for Kids: The Best Way to Track Your Kid’s Progress

May 01, 2021

If there’s one thing that all parents agree on is that they would love to see their babies grow into healthy and productive adults. One way to secure a healthy future for your child is through a healthy diet. For this reason, we have healthy food for children in Calgary to help busy parents get their children on track.

Food is the fuel our bodies run on. Without a proper foundation, malnutrition and illness may plague your developing child.

Besides offering food catering for children in Calgary, there are height and weight charts for kids that are designed to monitor your child’s progress throughout their developing years.

What Is a Height and Weight Chart for Kids?

Monitoring your child’s progress is a good thing. We can do that by using a height and weight chart, which is also known as a growth chart. The whole idea is to compare your kid’s weight, height, and head size against kids of the same age. With these charts, health care providers can also follow your child’s growth pattern.

The beauty about the growth charts is that they can provide an early warning if there is a medical problem flying under the radar and is affecting your child’s growth.

The height and weight charts were developed over some time when thousands of kids were measured and weighed. From the results, a national average height and weight for boys and girls were established.

What to Expect From a Height and Weight Chart?

Just as the name suggests, this chart will measure the following:

  • Your child’s weight (which is measured in kilograms or pounds).
  • Your child’s height is measured when your baby is lying down for children below three years and while standing up for kids above three.
  • Your child’s head circumference, which is measured using a measuring tape.

After your kid hits two years of age, their body mass index (BMI) can be calculated. The BMI uses your child’s height and weight to figure out your child’s body fat. When all these figures are in place, they can be compared to the normal range that is found in the height and weight chart.

How Do You Interpret a Height and Weight Chart?

As a parent, it’s so easy to worry when the numbers on the chart show that your child’s measurements are lower than others. Immediately, you can start wondering whether your little one will excel in school or even be able to participate in sports.

However, knowing these values and knowing how to interpret them can help you be at ease. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It is normal for mistakes to happen during measurement, like your baby squirming on the scale, and therefore, an incorrect result may show.
  • One measurement doesn’t paint the whole picture since your child can lose weight when they’re sick, and they can gain that weight as soon as they get better.
  • The “normal” range is quite broad, so even though your child falls in the 15th percentile in the chart, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are sick, or your breast milk isn’t enough, or you aren’t feeding your child enough.
  • Your kid’s measurements are not a prediction of how they will be when they grow up.

But some measurements have to be investigated further by your health care provider, such as:

  • If any of your kid’s measurements stay below the 10th percentile or above the 90th percentile.
  • If your child’s head is growing too fast or too slow when measured over time.
  • If your child’s measurements don’t stay close to one line on the graph and fluctuate throughout the months.

“Abnormal” growth, according to the height and weight charts, is only a sign of a possible medical issue. This is where your healthcare provider comes in handy to tell you whether it’s an actual problem or your child only needs to be monitored. Another thing is that your child’s growth is also determined by genetics.

Whichever the case, the right foods can encourage your child’s healthy growth. Contact us at Fueling Minds if you need healthy food catering for children in Calgary.

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