How to Integrate Sweets Into Your Child's Healthy Diet Successfully

How to Integrate Sweets Into Your Child's Healthy Diet Successfully

Nov 02, 2021

The human body craves sugar naturally as it craves water when thirsty. Similarly to children, they are obsessed with sweet foods such as cookies, sweets, candies, and ice cream. You must have noticed your kid’s preference for sweets and sugary foods, and that is okay. Fueling Minds are food caterers in Calgary, committed to helping your child attain a healthy relationship with sweets and sugary foods.

We offer healthy food delivery in Calgary, helping your child to be more health-conscious. Contrary to popular opinion, you should give your children sweets, but just not the whole day. Completely abstaining from sweets may have adverse health effects.

How to Cultivate an Anti-sweet Agenda

When limiting sweets to children, you don’t tell them overtly. As a parent, you are responsible for the type of food your kids feed on, while your kids, on the other hand, determine the amount of food they will consume.

To ensure you cultivate a positive, sweet relationship, ensure you refrain from using negative energy around the kids. If you constantly shame sweets or create a bad vibe, your child may realize and, ironically, want more sweets. You should purpose to treat sweets like the other foods to ensure a smooth transition.

Tips Used to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Sweets

  1. Don’t Shame or Praise Foods

It’s a common habit by parents to discourage their kids from eating sweets. Ironically, the technique hardly works. By putting judgment on foods, you often feel bad when you break the rule. Avoid placing a judgment on food because it can cause kids to feel guilty.

Since food is food, normalize not putting judgment on specific foods with kids present. It will instill a super healthy relationship between food and sweets.

  1. Serve Them Regularly Without Limitation

The human brain likes challenges. People are driven by curiosity. When you avoid serving sweets voluntarily, kids might eat them behind your back, which can contribute to poor lifestyle changes long term.

By feeding your kids with regular sweets, they will get used to them and create a healthy relationship with the sweets and helps them learn self regulation. When kids learn how to self-regulate on sweets, they are highly unlikely to over-indulge.

  1. Avoid Using Sweets as Rewards

Many things such as toys, books, and other small things can reward children for good performance. Avoid using foods as rewards at all costs, especially for completing basic tasks such as eating. It helps to paint sweets as less unique which goes a long way in calculating a healthy food relationship.

  1. Include Sweets in Meals Once in a While

Once in a while, serve the whole meal with sweets in it. It sounds funny but works like a charm. Food caterers of Calgary understand this correctly, and thus they formulate delicious yet healthy meals for your kids, including sweets occasionally.

Once children see sweets on their plates, they think about the whole meal. In most cases, they eat their full share to eat sweets at the end of their meal.

  1. Limit the Number of Sweets

When you decide to include sweets in your kids’ diet, ensure they are minimal to keep them anticipating the next meal. They will end up eating a large share of healthy food which has positive health benefits.

  1. Leading by Example

As you try to enforce a healthy relationship with sweets to your child, you should be a role model. Your child is most cases, imitates your habits and behaviors. Replacing sweets with other healthy snacks will get your child doing the same irrespective of age. Show them to eat an orange instead of a sweet, and they will demand an orange every time.


Helping your child to form a healthy relationship with sweets is a very delicate process and requires a lot of commitment and patience. It would be best if you avoided food restriction at all costs since it undermines your kid’s ability to regulate their eating. Even so, implementing the above steps on your child bit by bit will form a solid relationship with sweets. They know when to eat and how many.

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