Leo Manjalankal

Leo Manjalankal

Working with an excellent team at Fueling Minds as their Head Chef/ Kitchen Manager for their Calgary location, is an opportunity to work for children to boost their minds and body with delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals. This role also gave me a chance to work for other childcare facilities and schools. I love to be a better motivator, and I would like to develop a healthy and nutritious lifestyle in budding minds.

I earned certification in Nutrition Manager from Bow Valley College, completed a Diploma in International Hospitality Management from American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, Florida and a Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Oriental School of Hotel Management. Also, I am a proud member of Canadian Society Of Nutrition Management (CSNM).

In previous roles, I was a Food & Nutrition Manager/Consultant, Kitchen Manager, Certified Chef, and Food Service worker. I worked throughout Alberta Health Services, Senior care, Hotels, and Restaurants, provided a well-rounded knowledge in food and nutrition. Also, I could develop my leadership ability, organizational and time management skills.

I am passionate about food, diet and nutrition. Hence, working at Fueling Minds allows me to present nutritious, delicious, and healthy foods to the kids. Also, to educate the children on healthy eating and the value of nutritious foods.

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