The Importance of Choosing Fresh, Organic Ingredients for Healthy Meal Delivery

The Importance of Choosing Fresh, Organic Ingredients for Healthy Meal Delivery

Jun 09, 2023

Organic foods are grown without artificial chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. According to numerous studies, organic foods are healthier than conventional ones. For this reason, Fueling Minds chooses to use fresh, organic ingredients for healthy food delivery in Calgary since they are food caterers in Saskatoon and Calgary.

Using fresh ingredients ensures that they prepare and deliver healthy food to children. They have an experienced team that understands the needs of different kids. There are benefits to using fresh, organic ingredients for healthy meal delivery.

Benefits of Choosing Fresh, Organic Ingredients

  • Freshness

Organic ingredients do not contain preservatives and thus remain fresh for longer. It, therefore, serves an essential role in healthy meal delivery services. Rest assured that the meal delivered to your kid is fresh despite being prepared a few hours before.

  • Nutrients

Fresh, organic ingredients have more nutrients as compared to conventional ones. They have specific antioxidants and unique flavonoids with antioxidant properties. The feeding requirement for alfalfa and cattle grass ensures they have more omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are fatty acids that are friendly to the heart. Foods with higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids include eggs, organic meats, and dairy products.

Furthermore, fresh ingredients retain more nutritional value when cooked than processed food, whose nutrients break down along the way. Ingredients exposed to chemicals like preservatives and agrochemicals become hard to digest and can become carcinogenic.

  • Pesticide residue

Organically grown crops have lower levels of pesticide residue since little to no is applied during the growth cycle. Even though the highest residue levels allowed on conventional produce have been lowered over the years, it’s still low compared to organically produced food. Organic produce may have pesticide residue due to pesticides approved for organic farming or airborne due to neighboring conventional farms.

  • Toxic metals

There are toxic metals that are naturally occurring in the atmosphere. Cadmium is a toxic metal that occurs naturally in the soil and is usually absorbed by plants. According to research, organically grown grains have shown lower levels of cadmium. It may be because of a ban on synthetic fertilizers in organic farming.

  • Bacteria

Meat produced using standard methods involving chemicals contains high amounts of dangerous bacteria. You cannot treat some bacteria with antibiotics and are responsible for food going wrong quickly. However, even organic foods may get contaminated with bacteria when not properly handled.

  • Flavor

Fresh ingredients are more flavorful since no chemical compounds can replicate the authentic natural flavor of food. They ensure that food remains fresh and retains its vivid flavor and texture. Preservation of foods includes sterilization through boiling and the addition of preservatives. This process makes the foods lose their natural taste.

For instance, you compare the taste of sweetness and tartness of fresh foods to canned ones. Dishes prepared with fresh organic ingredients retain a rich original flavor, thus making the food tastier.

  • Support local farmers

Using fresh produce, the local communities, mainly the farmers, are the first beneficiaries. It helps them strengthen their farming activities and helps maintain local business relationships, which are usually critical in any society.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainability

The use of fresh, organic ingredients is more sustainable. It helps reduce supply-chain costs and promotes local farmland. It reduces overdependence on fossil fuels to do transport over long distances for preserved and processed ingredients.

  • Diversity

Since they offer catering for kids in Calgary, fresh organic ingredients give them menu diversity. They can use the numerous organic ingredients to come up with many different menus tailored towards the needs of each child.


Even though organic ingredients are usually slightly expensive, they benefit the body, the surrounding, and the community more. Instead, you would care for your body correctly rather than spend more on treatments and medications. You pay in the short term and save in the long run.

Also, sourcing organic ingredients takes time since they are not readily available in all shops. Fueling Minds understand the importance of fresh organic vegetables and thus go the extra mile to use them in their meal delivery service.

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