Tips for Planning Healthy Family Meals

Tips for Planning Healthy Family Meals

Mar 01, 2021

Our families may be the closest things to our hearts but caring for everyone can take a lot of work—from rallying the kids for school to making meals for everyone every day. When it comes to caring for your family’s well-being, however, it is recommended to prepare healthy family meals as often as possible.

Perhaps the greatest concern is over how you can sustain a healthy lifestyle without fatigue. Whether your issue is operating on a strict budget or running out of ideas, there is a solution that can work for you.

Why Do You Need A Meal Plan?

Amid a busy life, it is easy to create many unhealthy eating habits for your family. While it may not be intentional, the lack of a solid plan will do that to you. Whether you have underlying health problems or not, here are some reasons for needing a meal plan:

  • Healthy eating – with a laid-out plan, you can be intentional about choosing healthy meals.
  • Refined shopping list – shopping for groceries can get overwhelming when you have no idea what you will need for different meals in your week. With a meal plan, you are certain of the ingredients you need, making it that much easier for you to shop for groceries.
  • Cooking experience – even though you may not be the greatest cook in the block, you can get better by having meal plans. They will encourage you to follow through with recipes and get better at the art of cooking.
  • Saves on money – you cut down on costs when you buy only the things you need for your meals. Besides, with a meal plan for a whole week, you can buy groceries in bulk and save on costs.

Crucial Tips for Planning Family Meals

If you are too nervous about getting on a meal plan on your own, you can always reach out to professionals in food catering for children in Calgary. Having them intervene in a couple of meals for your children can give you a head start on how to proceed on your own. Some of the tips to consider when making healthy meal plans for your family are:

  • Start with your favorite meals – When starting with this new habit, be sure to incorporate some of your favorite meals. Ask everyone in your family to list out their favorite meals so you can prioritize them. Choose the healthiest meals out of all your favorites, then add them to your meal plan.
  • Choose easy-to-make meals – Do not go for the long recipes that will consume a lot of your time and energy. Instead, start with simple recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. If you need help with such recipes, be sure to contact our food caterers in Calgary. Consider meals that require as few ingredients as possible. From here, one simple successful meal will be the morale boost you need to try out other recipes that may be longer and more complex.
  • Work with what you already have on hand – One of the reasons why people have a hard time with meal plans is the lack of certain groceries and ingredients in their pantries. In your plan to get it right with healthy meals for your family, make meals with what you have first. Check your pantry and refrigerator for the items you have. This will help you at least get started until you have gathered momentum on better meal planning skills.
  • Paper and pen – Never underestimate the power of writing. Write down some of the meals you have identified as suitable for your family. You can incorporate recipes and even create a grocery list to help with shopping. Written plans are a constant reminder of your commitment to eating healthy foods.
  • Plan for three meals a day – instead of planning for a single meal every time, plan for all three. When you have laid out a plan for what your meals look like for the entire day, you are least likely to slip or skip a meal. Besides, if you can get through a whole day of healthy eating, you have a better chance of maintaining this new lifestyle.

On busy days where you do not have time to cook healthy meals for your family, consider getting them delivered to you. At Fueling Minds, we offer locally sourced meals that are made fresh daily and delivered promptly. You can also follow us on Instagram ( and Facebook ( to receive our weekly meals & tips to a healthier life.

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