Unique Healthy Lunch Ideas to Fuel Your Child's Growing Body and Mind

Unique Healthy Lunch Ideas to Fuel Your Child's Growing Body and Mind

Nov 01, 2020

One of the critical factors that can significantly influence your child’s proper growth and development is nutrition. A growing child needs to have access to several nutrients and elements fundamental to their growth and development.

Providing your child with a balanced and healthy daily diet ensures that they stay healthy, strong, and mentally alert.

There is a direct correlation between a child’s brain development, height, stature, weight, and even growth rate and the type of diet they consume. If your child indulges in a nutritiously packed, healthy, and organic diet, their mental development, health, and overall growth will show a positive developmental trend.

On the contrary, if your child consumes a daily diet of processed foods packed with fats and carbs, their growth and development will be negatively impacted. They may also be at a greater risk of developing health conditions such as diabetes or obesity that will compromise their quality of life.

It is always advisable to keep an eye out for what our children are consuming each day because nutrition plays a significant role in determining their growth, development, and overall health condition.

Other than breakfast, lunch is also a vital meal of the day for any growing child. We are focused on coming up with creative and healthy lunches for kids to match and meet their unique dietary needs.

Factors We Keep in Mind When Planning Our Healthy and Easy Lunches

Before we look at some of our kids’ lunch ideas, it’s essential to understand the factors we consider when planning these meals. There are some critical things to know that can help you prepare healthier and wholesome meals for your kids at home.

Here are some of those critical factors we consider when planning meals:

  • Meeting the Dietary Demands for the Growing Children

It is crucial to keep in mind the dietary needs your child has currently. For instance, what nutrients are essential for their brain development, physical growth, bone development, or even good eyesight?

This is something we always keep in mind when planning our healthy lunches for kids. These nutrients are the driving force your child needs to keep up in school and at the playground while interacting, learning, and playing with their peers.

We ensure that our kids’ lunch ideas incorporate foods from all the major food groups. This means that your child’s lunch will be based on a balanced diet of whole grains, lean protein sources, and various vegetables and fruits. Doing so guarantees that children get access to all the vital nutrients they need to grow, play, and thrive.

  • Incorporating Different Flavors, Colors, Ingredients, and Textures

We understand that some children can be picky eaters and that children in general love to see a diverse array of colors, textures, shapes, and flavors on their plates. This helps keep them intrigued with their meals, and the variety makes mealtime a more exciting and delicious adventure.

Incorporating different ingredients, cooking them, and presenting them in exciting yet healthy ways ensures that even the pickiest eaters get captivated enough to enjoy their meals.

This is why our easy school lunches are made from an organic, fresh, and locally sourced variety of ingredients cooked and packaged in ways that are bound to captivate.

  • Focus on Healthy Alternatives

We are always focused on providing healthy and organic food choices high in fiber and low in sugar, fat, and calories. Our easy healthy lunch ideas for kids involve using an assortment of whole grains, organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables, dairy, beef, and fish.

We avoid the use of artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives to ensure we deliver healthy lunches for kids.

Apart from this, we diligently check on the quality of ingredients we use when preparing our meals. For instance, we use chicken that is free of antibiotic residues or wild tuna free from questionable mercury residues.

Easy Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Here are some of our creative and healthy kids’ school lunch ideas:

  • Baked Mac’ and Cheese

This is a healthier variation of the typical mac and cheese you interact with. Our Baked Mac’ and Cheese is made using locally sourced and real ingredients. We use organic cheddar cheese and milk. Our pasta is gluten free and made with whole grains. Our Baked Mac’ and Cheese is always made with no preservatives.

This old-time favorite is bound to delight and nourish palettes and is a hit even among our picky eaters.

  • Cream of Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This is a healthy and nutritious soup that can be served alongside our whole wheat rolls. Not only is this soup considered as comfort food, but it is guaranteed to leave your child feeling satisfied without packing in any unnecessary calories.

The cream of broccoli soup is a combination of different textures, flavors, colors, and ingredients, making it a deliciously captivating lunch option for our little ones.

  • Chickpea Chili

Chickpeas are rich in fiber and have a wonderful flavor and texture. This creamy and flavor-packed chili can be served with a whole wheat roll and fresh vegetables to complete the meal and create a fusion rich in texture, color, and flavor.

  • Butter Chicken

Chicken is an excellent source of protein served with rice or naan bread; it makes for excellent, easy school lunch. The chicken we use in our recipes is sourced locally, organic, and is free of antibiotics.

Butter Chicken can be served alongside whole meal accompaniments, such as basmati rice. Fresh assorted vegetables and milk can also be added alongside the meal to complete and balance it.

At Fueling Minds, we are all about providing our children with wholesome and balanced meals. We offer a globally diverse menu to support food education and provide food experiences to children. By doing so, we hope to expand their culinary palate. Contact us today for our health inspired and child-friendly food catering services.

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