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There are many reasons why Child Care Centres and other organisations that deal with Early Childhood Development choose Fueling Minds for their child meal catering services. Whatever your needs are, we are here to cater for them! As long as you are prepared to offer healthy, nutritious, GMO free meals to the children, we are there to support you. 

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Why Fueling Minds?

We are led by our philosophy and mission to end hidden hunger across Canada.



We want to reimagine how children eat and understand food and be a trusted partner to all the early childhood organisations to provide children with access to healthy and  delicious meals and snacks. We want to educate and inspire healthier choices every day for all present and future generations. We want to inspire & encourage healthy bodies that enable healthy minds

Mac & Cheese


Our foods are all natural and always FREE of tree nuts, pork and peanut. Fueling Minds promises no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, no GMO’s, no added nitrates or nitrites, pasture raised beef without added hormones or routine antibiotics, whole grains, focus on fruits, vegetables and products locally grown and sustainable and organically produced whenever possible including our dairy. 

Shepherds Pie


Our menus are created with children’s health, development, and taste buds in mind. Our Chefs plan menu items based on nutritious ingredients that are in season and locally available. Meals are made daily in our commercial kitchen and are delivered to each Child Care Centre fully prepped and ready to enjoy! For you, this means peace of mind and MEGA savings on overheads. 

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