Which Foods Are the Best for Your Kid's Healthy Eyes?

Which Foods Are the Best for Your Kid's Healthy Eyes?

Dec 01, 2021

The human body is a sophisticated system made up of many different parts. Just like any other system, each component is vital, however small it is. If one part is not functioning correctly, it causes problems in your overall health. For this reason, all bodily organs should work harmoniously.

Eyes are tiny organs yet essential in your everyday life. They are the windows of the world. It’s thus necessary to have healthy eyes so that you can perceive the world around you perfectly. Like we’ll see later, nutrition is key to having healthy eyes.

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You should monitor your kid’s eye health from a very young age. Eye health is critical since they are responsible for over 80% of the overall information you take in from the world.

Eye health plays a massive role in the overall health of the human body. It’s therefore critical to focus on children’s eye health for a smooth future. However, eyes, like other body organs, are subject to infections, stress, and trauma.

Most eye problems start showing signs earlier and can be easily treated. If the eye complications are not addressed at an early age, they may lose their full potential, which is calamitous. Several eye complications are common among children.

Common eye problems in children

  1. Squint (strabismus)

It’s a condition where eyes point in different directions. It is also known as lazy eyes, crossed eyes, or turned eyes. Even though it may come and go in some cases, it may persist in some children.

It’s usually present at birth or occurs later on. Since the vision of the affected eye does not develop normally, treatment is an ideal remedy. Treatment includes exercises, surgery, glasses, and patching.

  1. Chalazion

It is a condition that entails a minor swelling on the eyelid in case there is a blockage in the glands of the lower or upper eyelid. The swelling may appear red at times and may also produce yellowy ooze.

The condition is easily treatable by a family doctor. If the situation does not improve in about three months, the doctor may refer your child to an ophthalmologist.

  1. Amblyopia

Occurs when one eye becomes lazy as a result of not receiving a clear picture. It’s primarily caused by cataracts, ptosis, refractive error, and strabismus.

It is treated by patching or the use of glasses.

Other eye conditions prevalent in children are blocked tear duct (epiphora), which happens when tear ducts are blocked, and conjunctivitis.

The factors responsible for kid’s poor eye health

Kids’ futures highly depend on their vision. Poor eye health should therefore be prevented in the most diverse and innovative techniques. To combat poor eye health in children appropriately, you must know several factors that lead to poor eye health. They include:

  • Poor nutrition – consuming foods that do not nourish the Kid’s overall health
  • Environment – poor environment such as one filled with blue light (computers, television)
  • An unhealthy lifestyle – involves staying up till late, excessive watching, and waking up late in the morning.

To ensure your kid has the necessary eye health, take them for a routine check-up to the dentist. You should also check out for symptoms such as redness in the eyes, rubbing the eyes, eye dryness, and difficulty reading.

Early detection prevents catastrophic eye problems by providing ideal treatment. Similarly, by optimizing your child’s nutrition, you can effectively counter most eye problems.

Healthy diet plan for kids’ eye health

A healthy diet is indispensable for eye health in kids because it supports visual development. To guarantee your child has a nutritious diet, some foods to check out include:

  • Zinc – Helps maintain vision. Available in foods such as baked beans, cashew, pumpkin, oysters, and beef.
  • Vitamins A, C, and E – Vitamin A is beneficial for healthy retinal function and the optimal health of the cornea. Vitamin C I a powerful antioxidant plus aids in collagen synthesis. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, plus helps maintain the clarity of the lens and fight oxidative damage of the retina.
  • Foods rich in the above vitamins include vegetables (spinach, broccoli, kale, Brussel sprouts), animal products (liver, eggs, fatty fish), and fruits (avocados, mangoes).
  • Selenium – Ideal for eyesight and helps in absorption of vitamin E. it’s available in animal sources such as turkey, beef, and tuna.
  • DHA – Helps in vision health and cognition. Available in plant sources such as walnuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds.
  • Anthocyanins – Powerful antioxidants. Available in vegetables such as red onions and cabbages.


Children’s eyes require a lot of attention since they are the visual pathways to the brain. If possible, eliminate all attributes that would lead to eye complications. If identified, take the kid to the dentist at an early stage for best results.

You can take advantage of healthy food for kids in Calgary provided by Fueling Minds. Besides administering an ideal diet, combine it with supplements and ideal lifestyle interventions to ensure your child achieves their full visual potential.

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